Bath Salt Gift Set - Set of 9 different essential oil blend bath salt

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Nuskaa bath salt blend set with Epsom salt, sea salt, and Himalayan salt, combined with essential oil blends, offers numerous benefits for both mind and body. Namely:


- Reduces stress and anxiety: The magnesium in Epsom salt and the calming essential oils like lavender and chamomile promote relaxation and calmness.
- Improves mood: The blend of essential oils like grapefruit and bergamot can uplift and boost mood.
- Enhances sleep: The relaxing properties of the bath salt and essential oils like valerian root can promote a good night's sleep.


- Relaxes muscles: The magnesium in Epsom salt and the warmth of the bath help to ease muscle tension and cramps.
- Detoxifies: The combination of salts helps to draw out toxins and heavy metals from the body.
- Improves skin health: The minerals in the salts and the nourishing essential oils can soften and soothe the skin.

Benefits for Moms:

- Reduces stress and anxiety: Moms often carry a heavy load of responsibilities, and this bath salt blend can help them unwind and relax.
- Relieves physical tension: The bath salt can help to ease muscle aches and pains, common in mothers who often put others first.
- Promotes self-care: Taking a relaxing bath with this blend encourages moms to prioritize their own well-being and take a break from their busy lives.
- Improves sleep: A good night's sleep is essential for moms, and this bath salt blend can help promote a restful night's sleep.
- Boosts mood: The uplifting essential oils in the blend can help moms feel more energized and positive, ready to tackle their busy days.

Overall, Nuskaa bath salt blend is a wonderful way for moms to prioritize their own self-care, relaxation, and well-being, leading to a happier, healthier them!