Neem Leafy Powder | Azadirachta Powder | All Natural | High Quality | Organic | Antibacterial | Anti-Inflammatory | Antioxidant | Anti fungal properties for healthy skin and hair.

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Sizes: 100gm

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Neem leaf powder is a natural ingredient made by drying and grinding neem leaves into a fine powder. Neem leaves have been used for centuries in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for their numerous benefits.

Benefits in skin care:

- Reduces acne and inflammation
- Fights bacterial and fungal infections
- Soothes skin irritations and allergies
- Improves skin elasticity and texture
- May help reduce scars and hyperpigmentation

Benefits in hair care:

- Promotes healthy hair growth
- Reduces dandruff and scalp irritations
- Improves hair strength and shine
- May help reduce hair loss and graying

Extraction process:

- Organic Neem leaves are harvested and washed
- Leaves are dried in shade or using a dehydrator
- Dried leaves are ground into a fine powder

Usage in skin care and hair care products:

- Face masks and scrubs
- Skin creams and lotions
- Hair masks and shampoos
- Conditioners and hair oils
- DIY skincare and hair care recipes

When using neem leaf powder, start with a small amount (0.5-1%) and patch test, as it can be potent. Mix well with other ingredients and use in moderation to avoid any sensitivity or allergic reactions.