NUSKAA Energy Booster Essential Blend Oil

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Grapefruit Essential Oil contributes to healthy skin by preventing and treating skin conditions like acne,

Peppermint essential oil is used to soothe inflammation, irritation and itchiness on skin.

Rosemary Essential Oil acts as a refreshing astringent that balances and tones the skin.

Here are nine ways you can use NUSKAA ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS:

1. A Bit on the Wrists

Just dab a couple of Nuskaa Essential Oil blend drops onto your wrists, similarly to how you’d use perfume. Of course, it’s important to do a patch test first.

2. With a Carrier Oil

For those with sensitive skin, you may favor mixing Nuskaa essential oil blend with a carrier oil. This way, you dilute the powerful properties of the essential oil blend and can apply it just like you would a moisturizer.

3. In your Diffuser

Using a diffuser with Nuskaa essential oil blend is an easy way to make your space smell amazing and use aromatherapy to help shape your day. At work? Looking to get some sleep? Nuskaa Essential Oil Blends is your perfect solution.

4. As a Room Spray

You can use a spray bottle filled with water and a couple drops of Nuskaa essential oil blend to spray around your room, your clothes, even your pillow.

5. In your Bath

A few drops of Nuskaa essential oil blend in your bath will take it to the next level. Looking to inspire passion and to lift your overall wellbeing, or a grounding blend, get all these with Nuskaa Essential Oil Blends.

6. Just to Smell

You can enjoy the aromatherapy of Nuskaa Essential Oil Blend without even taking it out of the bottle. Simply open up and smell. This can be really helpful before a job interview or before a romantic date.

For something milder, you can add some Nuskaa essential oil blend to salts and enjoy their scent that way. In salt, the scent can last over a year, helping you get the most out of your oil. Keep a jar of smelling salts on your desk at work for when you need that afternoon inspiration.

7. For Cleaning

You may also like putting a couple Nuskaa Essential Oil Blend drops on the rag you use to dust.

Another way to incorporate them into your cleaning is adding a couple Nuskaa essential oil blend rops to a steam vacuum. Planning on entertaining? Everyone will wonder how you got your house to smell so naturally amazing.

8. In your Laundry

After your washer has filled with water and you’ve added your detergent, add about 5 drops of essential oils for laundry that smells heavenly. Or, add a couple drops to a dry piece of cotton and use that instead of dryer sheets (which generally contain harmful chemicals).

9. For your Hair

We recommend not washing your hair everyday, and using Nuskaa essential oil blend is great way to keep it smelling lovely in between. You can add a few of Nuskaa essential oil blend drops to coconut oil to moisturize and perfume your hair simultaneously.